Country and People

Ireland is known as the “emerald island” because there are a lot of rains which make the green trees all year round. Lakes, romantic rivers, highland areas and mountains altogether make the natural landscape beautifully.

The Irish is well-known for hospitability and warm. They love the games and activities of horse racing, crickets, rugby, hockey and soccer. The woman here loves hurling which is a kind of game similar to hockey. Furthermore, Irish people like chatting and music. Step dance of Irish is very famous in the world. During performance, dancers will keep the body straight and move quickly.

Each city has its own feature from the hustling and charming Dublin with the variety of bar, restaurants and shops to numerous festival and food in Galway. All big cities in Ireland are metropolitan with many night entertainments and friendliness which cannot find elsewhere in the world.

Culture and Language

Ireland is a land of long-standing history and unique culture in Europe which make a special attraction. The forefather of Irish today is Celtic and mother tongue of Irish is Gaelic. Besides, Ireland is a country which has still remained the traditional music. Also, Irish highly respects the time for relaxing and gather with family members and friends.

According to the constitution of Ireland, Gaelic is the first official language and English is the second language. However, in fact English is the most popular language in Ireland. After hundred years affected by English culture, English has become the most popular language whereas, Gaelic is now mostly used by the elderly. If you travel to Ireland at the first time, to avoid the unexpected situations, you should learn some popular Gaelic words.