Ireland – a promising destination for Vietnamese travelers

Is very famous for the peace and majestic castles, Ireland is a destination which cannot be missed to any Vietnamese travelers during the journey to Europe. Ireland is one of the best countries for living conditions in the world. This country is located in Europe but not in the Schengen group, therefore to enter Ireland, you need to apply its visa. Furthermore, there are some information you need to know before departure.

How to travel to Ireland from Vietnam?

Because, Ireland is an island country so to reach it, besides ships (impractical), there are only flights.

From Vietnam, you need to take flights to countries in Europe or UK then take transit flight to Ireland. Currently, the cheap airline of Ireland is Ryan Air offering many flights to Ireland everyday from 30 European countries. The cheapest round flight is from Belgium (Charleroi airport in Brussels) to Dublin in Ireland (sometimes, dropped to EUR 20).

If you take flights from France, the fare will be higher. Also, Beauvais is quite far from central Paris (about 80km), the bus tickets are not cheap. Therefore, when obtaining visa, you should check flight fares via to find the best flights and make a proper plan based on it.

Should you need to book Ireland tours via a Vietnam travel agency?

If you have never been to Ireland before, the answer will be “Yes”. Many Vietnam travel agencies offer tour to abroad besides Vietnam tour packages . They will help you to plan tours, arrange activities and places to visit everyday.

Have a thorough look at the tours, you can find some suitable tours. In case you cannot find, you can send requests or call directly to the agencies. To get the most suitable tours, the best way is to make a direct call to exchange information easily.

Main attractions in Ireland

In capital of Dublin, you can visit many beautiful places such as, Samuel Beckett bridge, Dublin castle, Guinness beer factory…

After that, you can travel to Howth located on the Eastern beach of Ireland, 15km from Dublin. To reach this place, you can take the bus No31 or 31B which run every 30 minutes from 6am to 11pm with the price of EUR 3.5.

In Howth, you should visit Howth marine with hundred sailboats. Go to the final stops, you will see the famous cape of Howth with the lighthouse.

If traveling to the North, you will reach Belfast the capital of Northern Ireland (belong to UK) to visit the ship factory of Harland and Wolff where was the home of the legend Titanic. If you have not booked any tours from any agencies in Vietnam, you can buy a tour of Giants Causeway which takes 14 hours with the fare of EUR 65 to pass the border without applying UK visa and to visit Rope bridge, Giant’s causeway…

Toward to the Western Ireland, which is 260km from Dublin, you will visit the wonderful Cliffs of Moher. There is a bus running every 20 minutes from Dublin with an expensive fare of EUR 25 – 35 and traveling in 3 hours. However, if you buy a tour of Wildovertours which takes 13 hours with the fare of EUR 45 only,



Ireland is an archipelago located on the Atlantic Ocean to the North of Europe. The center of Ireland is a low land which has average mountain ranges, large valleys and lakes including Loch Ness and Rye…Ireland is listed in the top country for good living standards. Ireland is very famous for its beautifully natural landscapes, long standing cultures, best education system with many famous artist and writes in the world.


During the summertime, from mid-May to mid-Sep is the best time to travel to this beautiful country. Because, during these periods, the weather is so mild and warm that is wonderful for traveling. Also, there are amazing festivals on streets which will be attractive. However, please note that during this time, due to the high demands for traveling so the price of many services will increase including hotels, restaurants, airfares…

If you want to avoid the crowds and expensive services, Spring (Mar to May) and fall (Sep to Nov) are the ones with moderate temperature.


There are many options of traveling for visitors to Ireland including buses, taxis, trains and electrical trains…

By train/electrical train

Iarnrod Eireann/ Irish Rail is the only company providing train services in Ireland. Traveling by trains becomes more popular due to the high quality service, developing speed and reasonable prices.

By Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART)

This train system is operated by powers and only served in Dublin, running from Howth in the North to Bray and Greystones in the South.

By Bus

There are many operators such as Atha Cliath, Nitelink, Aircoach, Bus Eireann, Wexford, City Direct, Swords Express…

More specifically, Atha Cliath and Nitelink only operate in the central Dublin or its suburban; Aircoach transferring from the airport of Dublin to some areas of Greater Dublin, Cork and Belfast; Bus Eireann offering central transfer in big cities including Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford…

By Taxi

You can take taxi at almost everywhere in Ireland. However, it is quite expensive so you should discuss about prices before getting in.

Leap Card – discounted card for students in Ireland

If you are full-study students in Ireland, you can buy the Leap Card which will give you discounts for using public transport including DART, Commuter rail, LUAS, Dublin bus, Wexford bus, City Direct…


Capital of Dublin

To Ireland, you will firstly reach Dublin capital which is considered as elite, newly, dynamic and modern one. The most wonderful thing in Dublin is its busy feature. In the daylight, colorfully painted doors welcome visitors. However, by night, the capital totally changes its look to bustle and hustle.

From the Guinness storehouse to Dublin zoo, from the castle to Literature museum of Dublin…you should not miss any such of them.

Abbey Theatre

This is the place for play performance of famous writers such as, William Butler Yeats, John Millington Synge and Samuel Beckett. Abbey theatre in Dublin can be considered as the storage of Irish culture and literature. Exploring Ireland means studying culture and traditional features of this country.

Trinity university

Was founded in the 16th century by the Queen Elizabeth I, Trinity is located on the southern bank of Liffey river in the central Dublin. The university is keeping The Book of Kells which is one of the oldest and most beautiful books in the world. Written in 800 A.D, the Book of Kells is the best heritage remaining from the Celtic people which has been kept carefully and is the original handwritten.

Giant’s Causeway

If traveling to Northern Ireland, you should not miss visiting the fourth largest natural area. Is the world heritage recognized by UNESCO and the national reserve, Giant’s Causeway is well-known as the paradise on the earth. Here, you can walk around the hexagonal-shape belt to enjoy the fairy land and admire the breathtaking mountain cliffs. Natural cliffs including Honeycomb, Wishing Chair, Giant’s Granny, Lord Antrim’s Parlour, Keystone, Chimney Pots, Fan or Punchbowl are favorite destinations for travel lovers.

Newgrange Stone Age Passage Tomb

Is a prehistoric monuments located in the valley of Boyne, in County Meath. This is the tomb existing since 4000 BC which turned up thousand years before Stonehenge circle in UK. The tomb was built to dedicate to ancestors and the dead.

In 1993, Newgrange was recognized as the world heritage by UNESCO.

Blarney Castle

Located near the second biggest city of Cork, Blarney was built in 1400 and destroyed in 1446 and then was rebuilt by the King of Munster. The castle is surrounded by a large forest. Blarney castle is considered as the most monstrous destination in the world.

Legend has it that, the Blarney stone at this castle had a power to transmit to people the ability of excellent speech. Therefore, visitors to this castle often kiss the stone with the hope of gaining that skill.

Aran Islands

Aran islands are the group of three island situated at the mouth of Galway bay to the west of Ireland’s beach including Inishmore, Inishmann and Inisheer. The weather here is very mild which is an ideal place for plants.

Visitors often come here in the summer. There are many fortresses from the iron age and attractive destinations on these island including Dun Aengus (from Iron age), Dun Duchathair (black fortress) and Teampall and Cheathrair Alainn (sacred well).

Skellig Michael island

Skellig Michael island is a steep stone one located on Atlantic Ocean, 12 km from Ivereagh peninsula in County Kerry. Along with Newgrange, this island has a wonderful relic which visitors want to explore is the ancient monastery built in the 7th century.

In 600 years, this island was the place of the Christianity. All lived in the beehive-stone huts located on the mountain cliffs which protected them from enemies and animals.

Cork city

Tripe is a traditional specialty of Cork which brings you a unique feeling of second biggest city in Ireland. In Cork, you can visit Red Abbey, stroll along St. Patrick streets, take photos of beautiful buildings in Georgian architecture, join the concert in the Opera Cork or go shopping at an English market.

Dipping into the exciting St. Patrick’s festival

Although the St. Patrick’s festivals are run in many places in the world, but it is not by chance that every year, people speak English with an Irish accent, wearing green color costumes and drink Guinness. Currently, the festival is opened in a week and although you do not have enough time to experience all activities, you should join a small party and enjoy the festival on the way of Irish.

Enjoying a summer of festivals in Galway

Galway is recognized as the capital of festivals in Ireland, particularly Galway Oyster festival in September which is listed in the top 12 performance in the world. If two months before the festival attracts over 100,000 participants, after that the Cuirt literature festival, international art for children festival or Marathon Connermara…will pull visitors back. The best thing is that such festivals organized in the summer.


Irish Stew

Stew meats can be considered as the “national specialty” which have remained for many centuries in Ireland. This dish is made from lamb meat mixed with beef and root vegetables and then slow cook in some hours. Similarly, Irish soup (made with steamed pork, potato and oninon), Irish stew is cooked with some bitter beer

Enjoying the traditional stew with tasty cooked bread and hot tea or Guinness beer with Irish friends in a winter day will give visitors unforgettable experiences.

Steamed seafood (clam, oyster, arca…) with Irish apple wine

Irish people really like seafood especially hard shell ones (oyster, crab…). After cleaning ingredients, chefs will steam this kind of seafood with Irish apple wine. These dishes are often prepared right at the table and served with bread and fruit juices.

Grilled lamb

Lamb is a much nutritious food and the Irish really love this food due to its natural taste. The locals prepare the food quite simple which is added with some herb, garlic and then put into the ovens.

Colcannon cake

This is a typical dish of the Irish during Halloween. Ground potatoes, cabbages, salt and pepper are main ingredients of the cake. Besides, milk, cream, onion and pork are added which make the cake more delicious.

According to old custom, Irish often puts a coin into the ground potato. If anyone has it, they will get many good lucks. And this custom has still remained until now.


The Westbury

Located on Balfe Street in Dublin some steps from Grafton street, this 5-star hotel is the best option for travelers. From Westbury hotel, you will reach most of central Dublin within 15 minutes including Trinity College, Guinness Storehouse, historic streets including South William, George, Lower Stephen…

The Croke Park

Croke Park belongs to the Doyle Collection and is a 4-star hotel located in a 15-minute walk to the center of Dublin, so you will enjoy a pleasant stay with budget price. During your stay at this hotel, you can easily visit Croke Park stadium (just across the road from the hotel). This hotel is very ideal for business and leisure people.

Hayfield Manor

Hayfield Manor is the most luxury hotel in Cork, so this will be the top choice for staying. This wonderfully tranquil, restful and charming hotel is located in the center of Cork so it is just some minutes of stroll into the busy center of the city with its beautiful boutiques and lively arts and music cultures.

Killarney Park

Killarney is located in the town center of Kllarney in County Kerry and is a 5-star hotel purposely built in 1992. this hotel is only a 5-minute walk to the Killarney train station. Killarney park is a family-run hotel. The hotel is surrounded by Killarney National Park which you cannot find elsewhere.